Infidelity insurance

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Products - Infidelity insurance © asko groupEvery employer, every enterpriser has to trust in his staff members - this is the basis of successful cooperation.

But trust can be misused.

The criminal statistic of the last years shows that this happens more and more.
Fraud, theft, forging etc. are on the rise, as well as the amounts of the losses.

The special danger of these offenses is that criminal energy at the job is realised and disguised with great finesse and creativity, so that it is not noticed at first.

Although you choose your staff member carefully and dispose of an extensive controlling system or an own revision department, the danger remains that these offenses are not noticed for a long time with the consequence of a high financial loss which is mostly not repaid by the committer.

How can I protect myself against the financial consequences?

Contracting an infidelity insurance protects against financial loss by

  • Concealment
  • Fraud
  • Infidelity
  • Forging
  • Burglary
  • Computer-misuse and other deliberately unlawful acts

Which extensions of the coverage can I stipulate

  • Extension of the confidant to board of directors, advisory board, administrative board as well as DP service provider who act online by data communication
  • Covering of betrayal of secret losses
  • Covering of deceit losses
  • Compensation ascertainment of damage
  • Co-insurance of a provisional compensation
  • Co-insurance of a retroactive insurance
  • Resigned confidants are presumed to be insured for 12 months after their retirement