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First asko academy in Romania


On the 12th of september the 1st asko academy took place in Romania.

On the 12th of september 2017 at 6 o´clock p.m. the 1st asko academy in Romania took place.

80 guests from the transport business have got a kindly welcome by our employees. They handed over some small welcome gifts and refreshments for an exciting evening full of very interesting lecture.

Our branchmanager from the office in Timisoara Mr. Alin Dicu (in the middle) opens the evening with the introduction of the asko-group as well as asko s.r.l. and their products, which are offered on the romanian marked. Furthermore he introduced the other lecturer - this was Mr. Decebal Popescu CEO from company Cartrans (left side) and Mr. Serban Mota the responsible person from asko for CMR claims handling (right side)

Mr. Dicu presented a lot of interesting examples of damages and Mr. Popescu completed them in the point of view of a freight carrier and Mr. Mota added the judicial position. Of course immediatly started the discussion with a lot of questions from the audience that has to be cleared. After this presentation asko s.r.l. invited the guests to a Get-Together  with a  great buffet. There have been questions about CMR-Insurance as well as cross-border issues that has to be discussed. Those could be qualified answered from colleagues from Austria and Germany.

We look forward to invite you to the 2nd asko academy in 2018. 

The exact date for this event will be told to you asap.