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About us

The asko group offers individual insurance protection around the transport branch. In this spirit we see ourselves as partners for forwarders, carriers and of course also the loading consignor.

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Corporate culture
Our corporate culture consists of putting the client and his needs in the foreground and operate as a real service provider in the interest of the customer. Commitment and professional competence are equally important to us as providing permanent updates of the necessary insurance concepts according exactly to your needs.
At the beginning of a cooperation stands the comprehensive analysis regarding the existing risks and the detailed advice about the possible and the necessary. Here we are dependent on the client´s trust. Only if we know the problems, we can solve them together.
Custom made insurance concepts
With our modern software which has been specially programmed for our company we are able to realize individual wishes of our clients regarding requested damage analyses. By default we offer significant statistics, that allow the entrepreneur to recognize negative trends in marked increase of the loss ratio concretely and in time.
For many others everything has been done after the conclusion of the contract, but for us the activity starts at this point. As a comprehensive service provider we take over the documentation of policies for the most parts, take care for continuous improvements and adaption to trading conditions, negotiate with the insurances on European level and report towards the client about possible alternative solutions.
Quick claims settlement
Handling of claims is done comprehensively in our office and within the framework of our far reaching authority we adjust the damage events by ourself. That guarantees our clients to have only one contact person for their issues at any time.
Performance through commitment
The most important building block in our company are the employees, their commitment according to their sense of responsibility towards the client has enabled us to perform extensive services.

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