Machinery breakdown insurance

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Product advantages Machinery breakdown insurance

Co-insurance of internal operational failures

Reimbursement of salvage costs and cost of return transportation also in the event of a total loss

Insurance coverage for special risks such as hydraulic construction sites, tunnels and underground mining or even the temporary and commercial renting and leasing

Co-insurance of add-on parts and accessories such as e.g. drill hammers and clamshells.

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Companies with premium quality stationary machines, such as CNC, tooling, printing or woodworking machines, as well as companies with mobile or portable equipment, such as excavators, forklifts, crawler and cranes have tied important company assets in these machineries.

Therefore, these devices and machines do not only need optimal maintenance and care, but also comprehensive insurance coverage. In particular, mobile devices are exposed to various hazards by mobility.

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With the machinery breakdown insurance you protect yourself against financial losses in the event of a claim, in particular for material damage caused by operating errors and negligence, intent of third parties, design, material or execution errors, failure of measuring, control or safety devices, water, oil , or lack of lubricant. In addition, property damage is insured by natural forces as well as loss and theft.

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Our already extensive special concept can be extended to include special hazards such as hydraulic construction sites, tunnelling and underground work, as well as occasional and commercial leasing. Likewise, add-ons and accessories, e.g. hammers and clamshells are fully insured. With the customizable deductible, the insurance premium can be adjusted to personal needs. Finally, there is the possibility to include a GAP or leasing difference coverage in order to fully cover the financed risk.

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