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Product advantages Electronics-Insurance

Very extensive insurance coverage against a multitude of risks

Insurance coverage also for movable objects

Co-insurance of additional costs through use of other electronic devices and facilities up to 12 months

Co-insured are costs of one re-programming or costs of conversion of electronic devices and facilities.

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Modern technology is indispensable for our daily work. The range of electronical devices is from simple hand-held scanners, complex computer networks up to fully automated high bay warehouses. Many processes are influenced by reliable functioning equipment and systems. Breakdowns and damages on electronical machines and systems represent a real risk for the company. The Electronics Insurance will cover your financial loss due to outfalls of your systems and machineries.

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Our electronics insurance offers protection for unforeseen damages or breakdowns on the insured goods (material damage) and misplacement due to theft, burglary, robbery or plunder. In particular the compensation will be provided for destruction or damage due to negligence, improper handling, intention by third parties, short circuit, overvoltage, fire, lightning, explosion or implosion by extinction, tearing down, clearing out or misplacement at following events water, humidity, flood, sabotage, force majeure, construction-, material- or working failures.

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The extensive coverage of our Electronics insurance is also valid for movable property that means that complete protection is given also outside the place of insurance. In addition, extra costs for the use of other facilities or different working- and production processes can be included up to a period of 12 months. One-time reprogramming or refitting of the unit is also included.

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