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The number of regulations and laws is increasing as well as the demands and expectations from customers. Those who want to enforce the law usually need legal help. This applies both for the defendant and for the claimant.

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The legal protection insurance is divided into different service areas such as compensation, social court and tax law protection, traffic, administrative and work legal protection, the right protection for contract and property law, the disciplinary-or the civil and criminal law protection. In most cases, several types of benefits are grouped in combined policies.

Essentially, it is important to bring in line the right type of benefits with the individual needs and to determine adequate sums insured.

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The selection of the legal protection modules should be made according to the requirements covering all potential gaps. The coverage concepts must take into account the specific risks of your company. Therefore, a comprehensive assessment of needs is necessary in order to be able to design them individually - by the same token when it comes to the selection of the respective coverage amounts and taking over of private expert costs for criminal defence. Efficient criminal defence can be extremely costly, and if legal representation costs become necessary, they should not be reflected in your company's budget.

For forwarding agencies and carriers extended motor legal protection insurance is highly recommended to include the compensation and surrender rights as well as the reasonable coverage extension for investigation penalty legal protection.

Equally advised is a tailor-made legal protection, which covers protection in disputes with employees in front of the labour court, enforcement of claims for damages, disputes with insurance, but also offers solutions for contractual disputes.

For larger transport companies or freight forwarders, managerial protection may also be offered for the first and second management level.

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