CMR-Insurance / Forwarder´s and carrier´s liability insurance

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Product advantages CMR-Insurance / Forwarder´s and carrier´s liability insurance

Sum insured minimum EUR 2.5 million per occurrence

No fixed deductible

Co-insurance of gross negligence (art. 29 CMR) and no restrictions on goods

Co-insurance of national cabotage transports including national law of all European countries

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Damaged goods, a partial or complete loss of the freight or a late delivery will result in a full responsibility of the haulier according to the CMR regulations. Not to forget that there is also a liability in addition to the national legislation from the countries of departure and destination. A special problematic arises for multimodal transports a combination of ship, ferry, train and trailer shipments. Here, different legal liability rules apply depending on the transport mode that will be used.

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Our CMR insurance offers comprehensive and customized insurance protection under the mandatory statutory liability regulations for the carrier in road transport and even beyond. In particular through the elimination of cabotage restrictions in Europe, carriers are faced with a variety of different liability requirements. Our carrier policy provides insurance protection for international transport in the context of the CMR liability regulations, as well as for domestic transport all over Europe (cabotage transport) according to the respective national transport legislation.

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Due to the fact that various legal liability regulations as well as your customers will not make any exceptions for transported goods we basically do not exclude any specific product groups from the insurance cover. Claims, where the objection of the gross negligence (article 29 of CMR) is subject of the discussion, are an incalculable financial risk associated with the unlimited liability of the carrier. Therefore our CMR insurance explicitly includes that kind of risk at least with a sufficient cover of EUR 2.5 million per claim.

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