TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance

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Product advantages TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance

All Risks Insurance coverage all across Europe including Turkey

Insurance coverage also exists for so called own damages.

Inclusion of coverage for difference between financial leased value and replacement value possible (GAP).

Co-insurance of claims arising out of braking, operational failure and breakage without sublimits.

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Hull insurance known in the insurance market offers insurance protection against individual perils such as fire, theft, accident, etc. An even more comprehensive insurance coverage, however, is available through the TRUCK + TRAILER hull all risks insurance for trucks over 3.5t total weight, trailers and semi-trailers. This concept not only offers the vehicle owner the best possible insurance coverage to minimize the financial risks, but is also a real alternative to conventional hull insurance for financial leasing companies or rental companies.

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The TRUCK + TRAILER hull all risks insurance offers coverage all across Europe including Turkey. In detail, this means that the damage due to break-away of trailer is also insured as a classic own damage. The same applies for transported goods suffering a load displacement due to full braking, with the front trailer wall being damaged. The insurance also covers damage caused by implosion or explosion as well as damage caused by distortion.

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In addition to conventionally equipped vehicles, add-ons such as crane, lift, refrigeration unit, etc. can be included in the insurance cover. For this purpose, only the corresponding new value in the sum insured is to be considered. In the event of a claim, settlement takes place without a deduction of "new for old". Furthermore, the chosen deductible can be customized. It is also possible to include GAP or lease difference coverage.

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