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Product advantages Aviation Insurance

Combined single limit (CSL) coverage with subsidiary aviation liability

Extended hull insurance including spares and equipment all risks such as engine hull cover and GAP-cover

Pilot and passengers accident (PA) insurance including „loss of licence“

Insurance for airfields, hangars, inventory, flight shows, etc.

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Gliders, microlights, giro, aero planes, helicopters, passenger aircrafts and jets are our core competence besides comprehensive insurance coverage worldwide for pilots, passengers, engines and sports planes for private or commercial use.

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Aviation insurance falls into various categories: from liability insurance (CSL) as main component and subsidiary aviation liability to pilot- and personal accident coverage including „loss of license“ coverage, until hull insurance for the airplane including extended special coverages for engines or „financial losses“ (GAP-Coverage). Many diverse insurance products are necessary for a comprehensive insurance coverage. Additional insurance coverage is required for airfields, hangars and clubs. Special coverages can be obtained for flight shows etc.

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We are one of the very few specialized insurance brokers for the transportation business also doing aviation and have proven our know how in that area. You can make use of our well known professional service and our long-term experience of our employees from all aeronautical areas 24/7.

We work on customized insurance solutions for you with individual coverages from our insurance partners. You will get the complete service from us starting with risk assessment, underwriting, claims – you only have one point of contact with us despite being insured through various insurance companies for quick und uncomplicated handling of offers, policies, claims etc. We ensure your ongoing assistance and competent consulting by our international reach, permanent market monitoring and product innovation. Customized products leave you more time to fly true to the motto “work less and fly more”. Individual declarations or entire fleets – we are pleased to offer individual and comprehensive insurance coverage.

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