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Product advantages Stock and inventory warehouse insurance

First loss insurance

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Warehouse liability, which is co-insured as part of the freight forwarder liability insurance, covers only directly caused damages, no matter which liability standards apply or have been agreed with the customer. Our stock and inventory warehouse insurance is designed for freight forwarders who operate their own warehouses and store goods for transport purposes.

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The stock and inventory warehouse insurance offers a supplementary insurance cover. In order to prevent in case of a claim with the client any unpleasant discussion about the obligation to pay damages. Our stock and inventory warehouse insurance therefore provides supplementary insurance cover for the freight forwarder and his customers. The cover has a protective character and these results in an added value in the customer relationship.

We provide.

It is a cover at first risk without mentioning concrete classes of goods. A novelty in property insurance, because this basically requires the specific insurance value and the exact specification of the type of goods. Insurance cover is provided for the classic property risks, i.e. fire, burglary with vandalism after burglary, tap water, storm and hail. Due to the nature of the first loss cover, the insurer makes no objection to underinsurance up to the individually agreed sum insured. The insurance cover can be offered for warehouse locations throughout Europe.

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