Accident group insurance

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Product advantages Accident group insurance

Protects the contractual duty of repatriation from employer

Accident insurance protection in favour of the drivers and the left behinds

Simplest form of contract and very competitive all in premiums

Insurance coverage all across Europe

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We protect.

Employers are obliged to fully compensate for the costs of transfer to the place of residence as evidenced by the police registration form if during working time the employee is neither intentionally nor gross negligently ill or involved in an accident.

As the return costs also include rescue and recovery costs, there is a considerable risk for the employer, especially for truckers.

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The accident group insurance secures the employer's risk with regards to the repatriation costs of employees and at the same time represents the entrepreneurial responsibility towards the employees, as they benefit from a basic insurance sum for invalidity or accident death through insurance cover.

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On the basis of a special concept developed especially for transportation companies, we offer very competitive all in premiums for coverage all across Europe with simple handling through annual key date reporting.

The risk can be insured without prior health examination and without naming the employed drivers. As these are business expenses, the premium is also reduced by the tax burden.

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