Property All Risks Insurance

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Product advantages Property All Risks Insurance

Comprehensive insurance coverage for the company without sublimit

Reverse burden of proof

Clearly defined exclusions

Consequential losses are partly co-insured again even if previously excluded.

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This insurance covers buildings and their contents, respectively the office and business equipment, as well as own and foreign stored goods. Essential for any real estate and property owner, as well as for contracted parties, e.g. from rental or storage contracts.

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Property all-risk insurance offers companies the benefits of comprehensive insurance in a modular system according to international standards. Characteristic for them is the structure in four building blocks: first the perils fire, lightning and explosion and then in the second building block the so-called additional perils, which correspond essentially to the extent of a usual property cover (tap water, storm, hail, etc.). The third module is used to insure other explicitly stated perils that are caused in the broadest sense by extraordinary natural events, i.e. from avalanche damage to damage caused by floods or earthquakes. Ultimately, the fourth building block represents the core of the cover to carry the so-called unnamed perils. Consequently cover is provided against all perils that are not included in the other components. This ensures comprehensive protection against sudden unforeseen damages.

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As part of an intensive risk analysis combined with an inspection, we determine the individual risks and determine the sums insured. As part of the analysis, all risk-relevant events are examined and recorded accordingly.

This provides complete insurance protection for the company without sublimit, with clearly defined exclusions and the burden of proof being reversed.

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