TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance for drawn trailer

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Product advantages TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance for drawn trailer

Comprehensive insurance cover for third party or towed trailer

Insurance coverage already exists upon takeover of the third party trailer

Little administrational efforts through allocation of named number plates of the towing truck

Geographical scope of insurance coverage all over Europe including Turkey

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In the transportation industry, it is common for appointed carriers to be provided with a trailer by their clients. The trailer usually is not hull insured. The risk of damage to the third party trailer and the associated liability claims of the client are therefore to be carried by the haulier alone. Comprehensive insurance cover is therefor available under the TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance concept.

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The scope of coverage explained in the TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance also applies accordingly to third-party and / or trucked trailers. The insurance cover begins as soon as the third party unit has been taken over. It is irrelevant whether the trailer is already loaded or whether an empty journey to the next loading point must be carried out.

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When using constantly changing trailers, the reporting of the respective official license plate would mean a high administrative effort. For this reason we refrain from this. Instead, reference is made by naming the official license plate of the towing truck, which has also to be insured by the TRUCK + TRAILER hull insurance.

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