Fidelity guaranty claim insurance

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Product advantages Fidelity guaranty claim insurance

Protection of crimes committed by own employees, employees from third party companies and non identified criminals

Comprehensive broad coverage for fraud, infidelity, theft, forgery of documents, computer abuse and betrayal of secrets

Simple form of contract based on number of employees

Co-insurance of costs for ascertainment of damage and legal costs

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For companies wishing to protect themselves against financial losses through criminal acts by third parties or through wilful damage by employees, the fidelity guaranty claim insurance offers complementary coverage to the company's security and control measures to protect the company against the consequences of business crime, in particular by offenses such as fraud, infidelity, document forgery, or even computer abuse and secret betrayal.

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The fidelity guaranty claim insurance protects the company against the financial risks caused by embezzlement, theft or sabotage by employees, as well as the betrayal of trade secrets by this group of people. In addition, there is insurance coverage for deception claims of all kinds by outside third parties and for targeted hacker attacks.

Of course, possible criminals can also come from outside externally. Risks exist in particular also by employees of external companies, which were appointed by the company for example for cleaning, maintenance-, security and IT services and finally also by unidentifiable criminals.

In addition to direct financial losses (company assets, legal costs and damage assessment costs), there are also risks from indirect damages caused by third party claims for which the company is liable.

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As part of the existing special concept, we offer comprehensive protection against offenses by our own employees, employees of contractors and unidentified criminals. Also co-insured are damage investigation and legal costs.

This comprehensive broad cover is characterized by the simplest contract design based on the number of employees.

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