Combined policy for construction all risks and affiliated businesses

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Product advantages Combined policy for construction all risks and affiliated businesses

Insurance coverage for liability- and transportation risks in only one single insurance contract.

Individual sums insured for every single risk.

Guarantee claims of contractual liability arising from crane- or heavy cargo orders are co-insured.

„all risks“-cover for transportation of own goods

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Especially the construction branch with affiliated businesses is characterized by a large number of different activities. Once the own construction machine is transported to the construction site. Next time, a construction container will be transported on behalf of the construction company. If a crane is attached to the vehicle, it is not uncommon that various lifting work of building materials are made. It becomes obvious that this industry focuses on its own interests and liability issues. With our combined policy, we can display the appropriate insurance cover in one single insurance contract only.

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On the one hand, combined policies offer coverage for the liability arising from contracts for paid carriages of goods by truck, as known from the carriers liability insurance. Furthermore, liability for paid crane and heavy cargo orders, which deal with the transport and lifting of goods is co-insured. As part of a works transport coverage is also the transport of goods, in particular of construction equipment and building materials, insured for their own economic purpose with their own vehicles.

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Individual insured sums are available for each risk area. In the case of crane and heavy-lift orders, warranty claims based on contractual liability also apply to an orderly assembly or disassembly. For the transport of goods for own purposes an "all risks" coverage during the duration of the transport ensures the optimal cover protection.

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