Motor hull insurance

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Product advantages Motor hull insurance

Insurance coverage all across Europe

Paid-up insurance of accessories up to EUR 5.000,00

Salvage- and return costs up to EUR 7.500,00 per vehicle are co-insured, also in the event of a total loss.

Replacement value cover without deduction of „new for old“

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Motor hull insurance is the classic insurance cover for damage to your own vehicle. Insured is the vehicle itself and its parts, which are stored in the locked vehicle and attached to it, against damage, destruction and loss.

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We offer insurance coverage all across Europe against perils like fire, lightning, rock fall, rock slide, avalanches, snow pressure, storm, hail, flood, explosion, theft, robbery, unauthorized use, vandalism and embezzlement by non-authorized persons, collision with wild deer as well as accident.

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Accessories are also covered by our concept up to EUR 5,000.00 without additional premium. Additionally insured are salvage and return costs up to EUR 7,500.00 per vehicle, which are also available in case of total loss. For a so called new value cover, the settlement takes place without a deduction of "new for old".

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