Freight Forwarder´s Liability Insurance

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Product advantages Freight Forwarder´s Liability Insurance

Worldwide coverage with individual sums insured of minimum EUR 2.5 Mio. per occurrence

„all risks“ transportation insurance in addition to SVS/RVS

Co-insurance of documents liability (TBL, FBL, House-BL, AWB, HAWB)

Co-insurance of custom claims

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The fields of activity of an internationally operating freight forwarder are diverse and the result is a wide range of statutory and contractual liability provisions. We put these for you together in a comprehensive risk analysis and offer you based on this tailor-made insurance solutions.

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An important business basis for freight forwarders are general and special terms and conditions that complete, extend or even restrict the legal liability provisions. In principle, therefore, the insurance coverage also includes liability according to the General Austrian Forwarder's Conditions (AÖSp), as well as the liability according to the national regulations and the usual business conditions of all European countries. In addition, other special and individually negotiated terms and conditions can be co-insured upon request.

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For internationally operating forwarding companies no country borders exist. For this reason, worldwide coverage applies under our policy. The available sum insured depends on the individual requirements, however is not less than at least EUR 2.5 million per occurrence. There are many tasks for a freight forwarder and the liability risks are equally complex. For this reason, our concept also includes the co-insurance of documentary liability (TBL, FBL, house BL, AWB, HAWB) as well as the co-insurance of customs liability claims.

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