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The motor third party vehicle liability insurance protects both the holder and the driver of a vehicle against statutory liability claims of third parties in the event the vehicle caused damage. In the case of liability claims, so-called external damages, Asko group as a specialized insurance broker supports our customers in dealing with this damage in our best possible way.

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The largely standardized liability insurance is currently still limited to the individual national markets due to the lack of EU regulations. Nevertheless, it is also important to compare and analyse the differences not only on the cost side, but also for sum insureds. Since persistently low loss ratios can lead to premium reductions, it is important to monitor these claims and to take preventive action - a topic that the broker must be devoted to. For example, disproportionately accident-causing drivers can be identified or recurring accident times and distances can be identified based on the software for claims processing.

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We provide international fleet concepts or individual vehicle liability covers in all European countries. Your advantage is to get the service from one source for all locations.

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